The blackbird.

This little guy is here, every fucking day on this very branch of this very tree, from sunrise to sunset (minus a few minutes here and there to feed himself) singing like the Castafiore without interruption. I’m not mad, he sings very well actually, with that little bit of crazyness that makes him sound like R2D2 at times. No I’m not mad, I’m SAD. This is a call for all the little blackbirdettes around. This guy is lonely but brave and he has not gave up in 2 MONTHS singing for you. So stop being bitches and sing back to him. He’s a nice little blackbird, and he’ s my friend. Don’t break his heart or I shoot you with a riffle. I named him Merle2d2 Because blackbird in french is “merle” and he sings like R2D2.

Speaking of which, here is a sample audio of his beautiful singing: the_blackbird But hope is allowed. Not far from here, just 50 or 60 meters away, hidden in a boxwood bush there is the nest of a single mother of four, waiting for love (and pension for raising the kids): IMG_2845

The blackbird.

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