Arion 3 bug

For the record it’s a Popillia Japonica. I got the model from the excellent ZEROKOBO INSECT MODEL website which provides over 30 high quality insects poly meshes.

I then worked the model a bit in ZBrush for detailing and then used Ornatrix for the hair fibers generation and grooming. And naturally, Arion 3 internal beta for rendering (fast!). Post processing was done with Photoshop and ArionFX public release (3.0.5) for tonemapping, film grain, vignetting, fringe and of course glare and bloom effects.

It is maybe not very clealy visible but the bug’s color is from Arion 3 thin-film interference coatings. But if it not clearly visible that’s good, right? 🙂


And here is a side “tech view” of the bug model and materials:


Arion 3 bug

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