Tree frog revamp

I decided to give a spin to the new Arion for 3ds Max v3.0 plug-in currently in development on an ‘old’ scene and it was a blast. Interactive everything, including objects transforms helped a lot to position the shadows casting object to get the look I was after. Not to mention material editing with blazingly fast feedback.

It is interesting to mention that there is absolutely no surface shading on the frog material, except the bump mapping. The entire color is pure sub-surface scattering, if I disable it, the frog is a shiny black material.

The render was post-processed using ArionFX of course, with subtle glare, film-grain, vignetting and tonemapping of course.

Hope you like it!


Raw .exr render before post


The wire


You can see the previous render done with the Arion for 3ds Max v2 here:

Tree frog revamp

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