Bye Apple. Hello Android.

Since the begning of my iPhone journey in 2008, I really really hated iTunes and everything that requires it for the iPhone. It was a total WTF everytime I HAD to use it.

Regardless, I was really happy with my iPhone 3G, quite impressed by my iPhone 4… And relatively happy with my iPhone 6. But then I started to be more annoyed than pleased with iStuff being too closed, too limited to whatever Apple thought should or shouldn’t be possible. How in hell could the iPhone team alone decide what’s best for millions of users, that’s the big Apple’s secret to success so far, forcing you to believe that their decisions were thoroughly thought and the best possible. Obviously that’s wrong.

I will not say anything in particular to the iPhone as a device, it’s a fine device that works well within its own limitations. No the real struggle comes with ‘everything else’.

I mentioned iTunes already, just like Mac OSX it has flaws it its workflow that is beyond imaginable. Details? No, you know what they are and if you are a Mac fan and ready to defend everything stamped Apple there is nothing I can say anyway. But if you work daily with a computer and do advanced stuff, you know Windows workflow is lightyears away from Mac OSX. Anyway, iTunes is the worst piece of nightmare ever created that has become SO mainstream (put probably that’s strictly due to the necessity to have it for the iPhone, I doubt iTunes would have went anywhere without that).

Let’s pass on Apple’s native apps like Safari which is almost today as painful to code for than Internet Explorer has been in the past.

iCloud. And very specially iCloud Photo. Never working, amazingly (at least on a PC), it’s impossible to download all your photos at onces, you have to manually accept each download, one per file. Wow. And when I say ‘all your photos’, I mean all your photos that successfully made it to iCloud Photo. You delete a photo from your phone you thought was stored safely on iCloud? Oops, better luck next time.

Storage. Since always with the iPhone, either very limited or very expensive.

Sharing, using your phone to store files: either lame or requires an app.

Now I have sent back my rental iPhone 6, and I purchased an Android phone that has similar specs to an iPhone 5 or something like that. Yes, less powerful, less high-end features. But it runs just as smooth if not smoother, the screen is just as beautiful, and I purchased 128Gb storage as a micro SD card for about 50€. Oh and after disabling background notifications and data (just like I did on my iPhones), the battery life is just amazing. And quite frankly this alone is enough to convince me how fucking wrong I have been post iPhone 4.

But there is more, I discovered on the Play store that whatever you thought would be cool doing with a phone is possible, there is an app (many are shit but there is always one that does the job right). It’s literally liberating to use an Android phone.

Apple, what the fuck have you been doing. It’s time you stop thinking to highly of yourself and start learning to listen to you damn customers. If your products were reasonably priced, I don’t think anybody would complain much, but when the price is beyond reasonable, the delivery must be beyond expectations. On a personal note, and despite I’m sure Steve Jobs was probably a motherfucker, you clearly don’t have any vision of the right path without him.

Bye Apple. Hello Android.

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