Autumn scene


This is my last ‘personal’ work, although it has a professional target as always as it is also to demonstrate the power of the Arion Render + ArionFX combo.

This was entirely done using 3ds Max, Arion Render and ArionFX. The beetle is a raw model from that I slightly modified, painted in Zbrush and rigged in 3ds Max. The rest was specifically created for this scene and is mostly made of instances, except naturally the mushroom.

Below is a very simple ‘breakdown’ from the raw render to the final image.

Clay rendering:


Raw output with materials (before post-processing):


Colorspace and cooling filter:


Tone mapping (32-bit > 8-bit):


Lens effects (vignetting, fringing, bloom & glare):


Lens dirt, sharpening and final color grading:


Thank you for watching.


Autumn scene

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