Brace yourselves, spring is coming.


This is a test render, originally as an idea for a future ArionBenchmark scene which may or may not end up being said scene.

It is made of about 20 different plants, mostly from XFrog or various internet sources. Some are hand made.

The beetle, as in the previous post is from
If you pay close attention the beetle has been animated and is motion-blurred 🙂

The scattering of various plant models was achieved in 3ds Max using the greater than ever Forest Pack Pro 5.2 which was kindly provided for Arion testing by ItooSoftware.
Forest Pack Pro was used nearly everywhere, including to create the flowers bouquet which was very easy thanks to the wonderful collision feature, almost nothing to edit by hand except the deletion of a few flowers which were intersecting the vase/pot too visibly.

For the rest, Arion Render for 3ds Max v3.1 internal beta, massive use of the new procedural textures, thin-sheet SSS nearly everywhere. ArionFX v3.5.3 for tonemapping and various effects (bloom, glare, fringing, vignetting… The usual suspects).

Below is another version, using different ArionFX parameters which I kinda like better but was not my fellow testers’ preferred 🙂



Brace yourselves, spring is coming.

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