Vegans: The chronicles of an ill-fated society.

I’m sick of your nonsense. But not because I defend strongly that eating meat is the way to go (although, I believe eating some meat IS the way to go).

I completely agree that animal growth and kill conditions in the modern food industry is a complete shame for humanity, but that doesn’t mean not eating meat is the appropriate answer to the problem, and that even if it would have a direct impact on it. It would be an illusion. It’s a bit like saying electric cars are the appropriate answer to fossil fuel cars and greenhouse gases emissions. No it’s not, not as long as fossil fuels are still the cornerstone of our lifestyle (including 80% of the electricity worldwide).

I strongly believe that what leads some people to reject meat is mostly a weakness. The weakness of being unable to do what has to be done to eat, as simple as that. I am very certain they couldn’t kill and process an animal (any) into a meal if they had to do it to live. I’m also certain they are too inactives and casual to grow vegetables in a sustainable way for their own survival. They most likely don’t know either what they can eat in the wild to sustain themselves, and they are too lazy to acquire that knowledge (which in my opinion is the #1 most important knowledge any human could ever make part of his knowledge toolset).

Recently I have learned something that I had no idea about, which is that a vegan need to supplement himself with at least B12 vitamin, and preferably with iron too. And guess where that vitamin is naturally found? Yeah… Animal-based food. The presence of B12 in some algae has been proven to be either wrong or in a non-assimilate form. What kind of food habit requires an extra that needs to be man-made? That is totally the ultimate argument against any form of animal or animal-derived intake. We, as human, have come a long way by getting what we need to live from what the nature could provide. If we step too far away from that, we weaken ourselves. It’s possible to do so, today, but something isn’t necessarily true/valid just because it’s possible. If the possibility exists only thanks to highly technological and industrial processing, it isn’t sustainable.

Finally, although I understand that we as modern society inhabitants can and should do something for the third world we have created by living way above our basic needs, refusing to eat meat is certainly the least important thing we can do about it.
Yes mega or giga farms around the world are absurd, cruel and damaging for environment. But no, reducing meat intake won’t change that, simply because in average worldwide, the impact of a small proportion of vegans is not going to change the global consumption.

I don’t have the pretension to have a solution. Well maybe I do. Stop buying fucking supermarket, industrial food (of any kind) as much as you can. Favor your local producers which are small, and will stay small yet making a living out of their activity.
Do not travel more than necessary just because traveling is cool. Again, it’s not because it’s possible that it is right. Traveling comes at a high environmental price.
Do not start a business that, to be financially valid, forces you to outsource your production far away from where it’s going to be sold. Even if it’s going to be sold far away too.
If you own some land, get your fucking shit together and learn to grow some veggies in a non-chemically assisted and sustainable way. Learn to raise chickens or whatever animal you prefer and to kill/process it into a meal. Don’t run away in disgust from your fucking responsibilities. Reserve some of said land for wild life and trees.
Learn to recognize edible wild plants. Learn some basic hunting, hunting to live is not cruel.
Minimize your energy consumption wherever possible. Use your car for necessary trips, try to avoid driving unnecessarily.
If you buy and install solar panels, don’t be cheap and make sure they last for many many years. The cost of producing and destructing those is energetically negative, so at least make it be positive in the long run locally.

We are biologically an organism that is made of other organisms, either living inside us or processed from other living organisms. We evolved THAT way. One cannot decide out of the blue to ignore what we are and neglect what we are.
One little interesting fact for vegans, do you know what happens when you lose weight and you run out of fat? Your body consume itself. Being too thin and in bad physical shape (which is consistently true for vegans) makes you a cannibal.

Seriously, fuck this world and all this insanity and crazy beliefs.

Vegans: The chronicles of an ill-fated society.

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