Wildlife photography safaris/workshops

I hate the concept.

The idea of writing this blog entry came to mind after seeing one of my favorite amateur-pro youtube wildlife photographer, who so far seemed to do this for his own enjoyment of photographing animals, start to make it a business by organizing trips to costa rica.
Sure costa rica is certainly a fantastic place where it’s very easy to see and photograph amazing animals.

But how contracdictory is it to be passionate about wildlife photography and organize multi-people trips, usually quite far and requiring long car and plane transportation.

This alone is participating a little, slowly, to what is causing the massive diminishing of world wild species.

There is more than enough wildlife around your home and photographing a particularly beautiful and/or exotic animal doesn’t make a good photo. Actually most photos I have seen from those workshops and safaris are not very beautiful or interesting. But the subject is “extraordinary”. Actually this youtuber usually create amazing photos, but his costa rica photos are suffering that exactly: Beautiful animals, boring photos. Wasn’t worth it, clearly.

I advocate for extraordinary photos of ordinary subjects you can find in your own area, simply because it is amazing how little of our own surroundings we know.

I understand that travelling to see a particular species or set of species nowhere else to be found is exciting and appealing, but doing so on a regular basis is harmful. Even more when this become a business, as not only there start to be a high environmental cost due to travelling but falicities and commodities are created on high-interest places on earth that were better of without them.

If you agree, just don’t participate that kind of stuff and learn to appreciate and know what you have, right here right now.

Wildlife photography safaris/workshops

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