Canon: We love to listen to our users.

Canon: The camera market is shrinking.

Also Canon: Let’s release a very high end, very expensive DSLR that not many people care about. For fame. For glory. Or at least to not lose those pro ambassadors for the Olympics.

The users: What about a worthy and affordable mirrorless action camera that really replaces the 5D Mark IV?

Canon: …

The users: Or maybe a mirrorless version of the never released 7D Mark III? Or even a DSLR version of it?

Canon: We just released the 90D.

The users: Yeah but that’s not really what we were waiting for. All things considered, it’s a minor upgrade not really worth the money over a 7D Mark II.

Canon: …

The users: I mean 2 years ago you said competition was good and allowed you to innovate more. But we haven’t seen anything to be drooling about since.

Canon: What about the touch control ring? The more compact RF lenses?

The users: The control ring is more a gimmick that we can perfectly live without. The RF lenses are nice but despite more compact, also more expensive. What about an upgrade to the 1993-designed 400/5.6 or a long, reasonably priced and good quality zoom?

Canon: No. This would detract too many buyers from our 500/4 or 600/4 options.

The users: But theses are out of reach for most people, even used. You’re making insanely cheap DSLRs to hook people into serious photography but then you don’t have lenses options that match the bodies prices.

Canon: Meh.

Canon: We love to listen to our users.

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