PicFair: Photographer’s graal?

After reluctantly get the visa out to pay for a basic subscription to Flickr pro after the mailing asking for users to subscribe to save the service, I was a little disappointed that this wouldn’t allow friends and family to order prints themselves.

I looked at alternative, like SmugSmuh (which owns Flickr…) that offers that service, but quite frankly for casual prints the cost is too high. I don’t have that many people interested in buying my photos. At around 25€/month as a minimum (I think) to have users order prints themselves, it’s a bit much. And I didn’t want the hassle of ordering myself, wait for reception and then give/ship back, adding to the overall time and cost.

And then I stumbled on PicFair, which is exactly what a website offering photo storage and printing should be at first sight: very reasonable fee (20% which is added to your price automatically), your personal shop is all provided and ready to go, and most importantly: you don’t pay a subscription to gain access to printing service for any visitor including yourself! You visitors place their own orders and are charged the 20% fee on top of your price. Fantastic.

PicFair: Photographer’s graal?

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