Lwan sells photos

Yeah right. Photography is expensive and time consuming. It’s my hobby, my passion. It makes me feel good, even when I return from the field empty-handed but had the chance to witness some wildlife behavior.

Now, when I say expensive, I mean EXPENSIVE. My current crappy gear has cost me near 2500€ and it’s definitely way outdated (also, I don’t like it all that much).

If you wanna help, BUY PRINTS. Any euro counts toward renewing my photography equipment to something more 2020.

PicFaire is awesome, it lets me upload my images and it lets you order prints without me having to lift a finger. No matter what, I get my preferred price cut (15€). If you think ordering a framed 40×30 print is expensive (I think it’s around 50-60€), remember that every photo is I’ve put up for sale is the result of hundreds of hours stuck in the cold or excessive heat, fully static waiting for the animal to appear where I expect it to.

It’s hundreds of hours or learning about animal behavior and habbits, it’s dozen of hours of lazy google map planing of my next hide.

It’s time consuming and expensive. I need (want) to upgrade my gear to something around 3500€. Please help. Don’t be a pussy, I’m not asking for a donation. Buy yourself a print! And tell you kids: hey this is a [name of animal here] and the photo was taken by someone I know (even if you don’t know me I endorse you saying it).



Lwan sells photos

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