Canon, canon, canon…

As a 7D Mark II user, and long time Canon user simply because once you have some lenses it’s hard to ditch them all for a new system, I was quite in despair for Canon to come up with a something that remotely looked like a good idea.

After the EOS R joke, the announcement of the 100-500 f/4.5-7.1 that, let’s face it, was a bit disappointing (I guess everyone hopped they’d keep the 5.6 max aperture regardless of the final lens size), followed by the 600 and 800 f/11 absurdities (regardless of what reviewers say), I have to admit that my guts are craving an EOS R5 (which I cannot afford).

But why? After all, the EOS R5 is not much more than a Nikon 850D and quite a bit less than a Sony A7RIV… Well for the AF that is finally on par with Sony, much better than Nikon’s mirrorless offering and quite a bit better than any of Canon DSLR counterpart.

At the end of the day, you can adapt to every camera flaw you want, the final word is said by the autofocus. You can whine as much as you want about ergonomics, what you want on your memory card are sharp photos.

My guts also tell me the only brand worthy of my hypothetic money is Nikon. Not Sony, not Canon. Fuji is they were taking seriously the world of wildlife photography could be a good contender but I think that sooner or later, I might want a full frame camera.

Money-wise I hope Canon is not going to wait another year to release the rumored EOS R7, now that they have the tech working and shining in the EOS R5 as great as it can. I suppose there will be an EOS R1 before the also hypothetic olympics and we’ll have to wait after that body so the R7 is not casting any shadow on the already crippled sales of non-toy cameras.

So kudos Canon, despite all my hate for your commercial practices, I want an EOS R5 even more than I want an A7RIV. Nah kidding. Still want an A7R IV.

Canon, canon, canon…

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